Teaching with History Lesson Plans

Teaching with primary documents encourages a varied learning environment for teachers and students alike. Lectures, demonstrations, analysis of documents, independent research, and group work become a gateway for research with historical records in ways that sharpen students’ skills and enthusiasm for history, social studies, and the humanities. Examples of Historic Lesson Plans with some relevance to the Old Spanish Trail include:

1848 – Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
This lesson correlates to the National History Standards. Era 4 – Expansion and Reform (1801-1861) Standard 1C – Demonstrate understanding of the ideology of Manifest Destiny, the nation’s expansion to Northwest, and the Mexican-American War.

Hopi-Spanish Relations
This lesson correlates to the following Arizona Social Studies Standards 1SS-E8. Grade 6-8.

Other Ideas:

There’s a trail near you! Ask students to look for National Historic and Scenic Trails in their area or state. A complete listing by state is here to help: http://pnts.org/new/resources/resources-by-state/

Compare the Old Spanish Trail history and maps with those trails.