The 2001 Feasibility Study “making the case” to Congress for adding the Old Spanish Trail as an historic trail, is available to view and print – excellent source for researchers and students.

Study Cover, Title Page and Summary (1.8 MB, PDF file)

Study Contents (658.8 KB, PDF file)

Study Introduction (1.4 MB, PDF file)

Study Background (9.3 MB, PDF file)

Eligibility and Feasibility (16.2 MB, PDF file)

Other Themes Considered with Respect to National Significance (6.9 MB, PDF file)

Resources (17.3 MB, PDF file)

Alternatives (4.7 MB, PDF file)

Environmental Consequences (5.7 MB, PDF file)

Consultation and Coordination (3.0 MB, PDF file)

Selected Bibliography (5.3 MB, PDF file)

Appendix A National Trails System Act (9.2 MB, PDF file)

Appendix B Expedition Chronology Between New Mexico and California (3.6 MB, PDF file)

Appendix C Maps 1 – 9 (3.4 MB, PDF file)

Appendix D Selected Wildlife Species (1.6 MB, PDF file)

Appendix E Existing Public Use Areas (996.9 KB, PDF file)

Appendix F Agencies and Organizations Contacted (1020.9 KB, PDF file)

Appendix G National Park Service Study Team and Consultants (813.4 KB, PDF file)