National Trails System

Partnership for the National Trail System

The Partnership for the National Trails System (PNTS) connects member not-for-profit trail organizations and Federal agency partners to further the protection, completion, and stewardship of the 30 National Scenic and Historic Trails within the National Trails System.

The PNTS advocates on behalf of the National Trails System as a whole for land preservation and stewardship of resources.

2018 is the 50th anniversary of the National Trails System Act.  More information can be found at

Since 1997, the Partnership has embodied the collaboration of the National Trails System Act and has advocated for the trails. The Partnership continues to seek new partnerships and relationships both within and outside the trails community to foster a strong National Trail System well-connected to communities, businesses, and civic groups.

Federal Partners

The Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of Agriculture administer individual national historic and scenic trails through certain of their respective agencies – the National Park Service – DOI, the Bureau of Land Management – DOI, and the United States Forest Service – DOA.

Further information on federal Trail administration programs can be found at:

Visit the National Park Service’s National Trail System website.
Visit the U.S. Forest Service’s National Trail System website.

The Old Spanish National Historic trail is specifically co-administered by the National Park Service and the Bureau of Land Management.  More information can be found at the National Park Service OSNHT website at