The Descendants and Travelers of the Trail Chapter was approved by the Old Spanish Trail Association (OSTA) board October 5, 2017. All of its members are bound by a love of history, genealogy, and fun – in addition to dedication to preserving the Trail.

Though many chapter members are descendants of those people who traveled the trail from 1829 to the late 1840s, the chapter is open to everyone who has an interest in the trail and its travelers. The chapter is primarily an internet-based group, and includes members from California, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Great Britain, and Australia. More members are welcomed.

The chapter’s goal is to bring to life the Old Spanish Trail by sharing the stories of the travelers who traversed the Trail and by recounting personal genealogical journeys along the way. The chapter’s purpose is to preserve personal family histories and to honor the contributions of Trail travelers.

In 2023, members of The Descendants and Travelers of the Trail chapter published a book of profiles, Stories of our Ancestors from the Old SpanishTrail, which is now available through Amazon. The development of the book was a special project in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Old Spanish Trail’s becoming a National Historic Trail. The narratives are told from the perspective of living descendants of those who traveled the Trail primarily from 1829-1848. The historic Trail is brought to life again through the daring stories and early photographs of our ancestors who faced seemingly insurmountable obstacles during their travels to Alta California. The OST followed a network of Indigenous routes used over centuries for trading and brought a diverse group west including merchants, trappers, and eventually families.

If you are interested in contributing a profile or have suggestions for potential future edits of existing profiles, please contact the OSTA Manager for contact information at We are interested in hearing from you!

Available now through Amazon!