What does the Research Committee offer to OSTA members and others? We serve as a resource for our members and the public who are looking for sources of information about the OST.  We can often refer someone doing research to the proper source material or to other experts who can help them in their research. In addition, we serve as a resource to review written material for publication in our journal or in other locations. We assist internal and external authors with OST-specific information. 


The Role and Function Statement of the Research Committee states in part: “The mission of the Research Committee is to provide support to members, institutions, and others researching the history and location of the Old Spanish Trail and OSNHT and to vet, propose and assist in research studies that will enhance knowledge about the Old Spanish Trail and OSNHT. The Committee may conduct research on trail related topics. Upon request, the Committee will also evaluate research papers for publication.” 


The Research Committee is composed of OSTA members in good standing or agency OSNHT Co-Administrator staff. Members shall be selected based on their research experience, interest in fostering additional research contributions, or their participation in research activities of OSTA.

In addition, ex officio members of the Committee include a liaison Board member designated by the Board, the OSTA President, Association Manager, the Editor of ‘Spanish Traces,’ and advisers appointed by Federal Trail Administrators (NPS and BLM). 

If you have questions about the OSTA Research Committee or need assistance in locating research material, don’t hesitate to contact us at ostarescom@gmail.com.