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Old Spanish Trail
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Books Available Through the Old Spanish Trail Association

Map Poster

Juan Rivera's Colorado, 1765
Hard Copy


Juan Rivera's Colorado, 1765: The First Spaniards Among the Ute and Paiute Indians on the Trails to Teguayo

Baker, Steven

Through meticulous scholarship and the help of copious original color illustrations by Gail Carroll Sargent, Steven Baker becomes the first scholar to successfully trace the routes and explicate the context of Rivera’s travels and day-to-day  narratives.

This ground-breaking volume includes Rick Hendricks’s thoughtful English translations of Rivera’s Spanish narratives of his two trips into western Colorado. Rivera provides the first meaningful descriptions of the Centennial State and its Ute and Paiute Natives.

Note: For  wholesale purchases, please contact OSTA - Retail Sales Manager at: id@animas.net

auto book cover

AZ-UT Auto Tour Guide

Driving the Old Spanish Trail Through Utah and Arizona

The Old Spanish Trail traverses some of the most beautiful and most challenging terrain in the West. You will develop a new appreciation of the difficulties facing the historic travelers as you drive the route they trod with mules through southern Utah and northern Arizona. Our modern roads and highways follow the historic route closely, since passage through the canyons and across the rivers of Utah and Arizona left, then as now, few options.

This guidebook gives you explicit directions, including some GPS points, to view terrain similar to what the Old Spanish Trail travelers saw, and points out historic landmarks and signage. 52 photos, 8 maps, 64 pages.  

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Map Poster

Old Spanish Trail
Map Poster

Old Spanish Trail Map Poster

This full-color, 27X19 poster depicts the routes used by Spanish Traders on the Old Spanish Trail in the years 1829 to 1948. It is a welcome addition for historians and trail buffs who want to display the routes of the Old Spanish Trail in a concise, easy-to-read exhibit.

This poster can be used by classroom teachers and educators as a handy reference map of the Old Spanish Trail. The map was created by Tom Jonas for the Old Spanish Trail Association.  

Note: For  wholesale purchases, please contact OSTA - Retail Sales Manager at: id@animas.net


Spanish Trails CD

Spanish Traces on CD


Now Available! - Back Issues CD of
Spanish Traces Journal

By popular request!

This is the complete collection of the Spanish Traces journal for the years 1995 and updated through 2015.

A must for your Spanish Trail library.

Click here for free sample copy of Spanish Traces - 3 MB.

front cover

In Search of Dominguez $ Escalante

In Search of Dominguez & Escalante Photographing the 1776 Spanish Expedition through the Southwest


In Search of Dominguez & Escalante Photographing the 1776 Spanish Expedition through the Southwest

Mac Gregor, Greg and Halus, Siegfried

Foreword by Frances Levine
Essay by Joseph P. Sánchez

More than two hundred years after the fabled Dominguez and Escalante expedition, Greg Mac Gregor and Siegfried Halus have created a remarkable visual record of the expedition. Using Escalante’s journal as their guide, the photographers followed the expeditionary route, circling through New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Arizona, and documenting the frontier as first witnessed by the Spanish explorers on horseback.

Quoting widely from Escalante’s journal, the authors present first hand accounts of the expedition alongside their photographic narrative. Essays by the photographers discuss their methodology and experiences as modern day explorers retracing the steps of the friars. In his historical essay, Joseph P. Sánchez writes about the lasting legacy of the Spanish expedition.

Crampton Book

In Search of the
Old Spanish Trail

Special Reprint Book Offer! In Search of the Old Spanish Trail

Order your copy of a special reprint of this Gregory Crampton and Steve Madsen classic In Search of the Old Spanish Trail. Proceeds benefit the Old Spanish Trail Association.

This book is a distillation of about 50 years of research on the Old Spanish Trail by the late Dr. Crampton and about 20 years by Mr. Madsen.

The book is an indispensable companion for travel over the trail. It has trail maps, short sections on trail history and a large number of photographs. It covers what the authors have identified as the main thread of the OST South Branch.

Old Spanish Trail Book

Old Spanish Trail:
Santa Fe to Los Angeles

Old Spanish Trail: Santa Fe to Los Angeles

Hafen, LeRoy R. and Hafen, Ann W.

The Hafen's book is the most fundamental reference on the Old Spanish Trail. Although somewhat dated, it remains the one book that any serious student of the trail must have. Unfortunately, it is out of print, although it can be obtained from antiquarian dealers from time to time.

The book reviews the history of the trail, sets its historical context, includes much of the material found in the few specific contemporary references on the trail and its travelers, and provides chapters that confer substantial insight into the mechanics of moving goods on the backs of mules about 1200 miles through very forbidding terrain

Characters of the Old Spanish Trail

Characters of the
Old Spanish Trail

Characters of the Old Spanish Trail

Knudson, Doug

Meet some of the children, women, and men who traveled the Old Spanish Trail in 1829-1848. They will enrich your enjoyment of our 15th National Historic Trail.

Former OSTA President, Dr. Douglas Knudson, has written compact stories of 24 travelers of the Old Spanish Trail. He added profiles of two colorful Governors who influenced many of these people. Their names include: Armijo, Wilson, Moya-Young, Trujillo, Robidoux, Slover, Chacón, Gambel, etc. These people made a big impact on California, New Mexico, and places in between. Their names are part of today’s communities--on street signs, mountains, museums, parks, and schools. Some were astute businessmen and women. Some were rascals with little respect for the law. Most were upstanding citizens who built their communities in changing times. All were tough, resourceful, determined, fascinating people.162 pp.

Soft cover: $16.95

Gone by the Way

Gone By the Way of the Earth

Gone the Way of the Earth: Indian Slave Trade in the Old Southwest

Clifford J. Walker

This book is dedicated to "All those victims of Indian slavery in the Southwest whose thousands of stories will never be told - they lost their lands, their songs, their lives and their freedom - all gone the way of the earth."

Soft Cover: $15.00

Exploring Desert Stone

Exploring Desert Stone

Exploring Desert Stone: John N. Macomb's 1859 Expedition to the Canyonlands of the Colorado

Steven K. Madsen

Madsen’s work provides the first detailed investigation of the 1859 Macomb Expedition into western Colorado and the canyon country of Utah. Beyond his first-rate analysis, Madsen presents the most important elements of the venture’s documentary record, making this fascinating study and significant contribution to our understanding of the Southwest also a valuable resource for anyone who loves the American West.

The book contains many references to the Old Spanish Trail (eastern portion--NM, CO, UT). The mapping and scientific group followed the Main Branch of the Old Spanish Trail going out and part of the Armijo Route coming back to Santa Fe.

Macomb's beautiful map in the back pocket shows several post-1848 expedition routes, in addition to Macomb's. Mr. Madsen's text is masterfully written. His inclusion of diaries of two Macomb scientists provides reinforcement of Madsen's summary. Some superb drawings of trail features are matched to recent photos.

288 pages

Soft Cover: $29.00

Overland with Kit Carson book

Overland with Kit Carson

Overland with Kit Carson: A Narrative of the Old Spanish Trail in '48

Brewerton, George Douglas

Lt. Brewerton provides a lively account of travel over the Spanish Trail at a time when trail commerce was near a close. The account illustrates the many perils that beset travelers over this route from Santa Fe to California.

Marc Simmons has written a fine introduction for the Bison Books edition that sets the context for the journey and gives some of its publishing history.

Incidents of Travel book

Incidents of Travel and
Adventure in the Far West

Incidents of Travel, Solomon Carvalho

In 1852, Carvalho accompanied John C. Fremont on his fifth expedition from Missouri to Utah, a journey that required travel over several ranges in the Rocky Mountains.  Stranded by heavy snowstorms in 1853–54, many people died along the way to Utah.   Carvalho became seriously ill and left the Fremont party in Parowan, Utah and then traveled to Salt Lake City.  While in Salt Lake, he became a popular portrait artist with subjects including Brigham Young, authorities of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and other Utah notables.

In 1857, Carvalho went on a peace mission with Brigham Young in central Utah where he painted portraits of Native American leaders such as Wakra, Indian Chief



Other Books Pertaining to the Old Spanish Trail

Listed below are other books relating to the Old Spanish Trail. Some of the books may be out of print but may be found at libraries or purchased from used or antiquarian book dealers.

To purchase these books:

  • In-print books can be purchased through through the Amazon.com link provided.
  • For out of print books, select the pre-filled search at AbeBooks.com to check availability.

Books purchased from webpage links below provide financial support to the Old Spanish Trail Association (OSTA). Thank you for your support.

Arranged alphabetically, by author


Heritage of the Valley: San Bernardino's First Century
Beattie, George William and Beattie, Helen Pruitt
Hardcover, bibliography, index, maps, out of print
The Beattie's book is essential for understanding the history of the western end of the OST. The book, unfortunately, has long been out of print, both in the original and the reprint edition. Antiquarian dealers occasionally have copies at substantial cost. Some libraries have copies. The book provides a detailed account of the evolution of the various routes through the Cajon Pass and the settlements that lie south of the pass. The impact on settlement stability of New Mexican emigrants from Abiquiu is especially noteworthy.
The Southwest Expedition of Jedediah S. Smith: His Personal Account of the Journey to California,1826 - 1827
Jedediah S. Smith and Brooks, George R. (Editor)
Paperback, bibliography, index, maps
This volume, a reprint of the out-of-print Arthur H. Clark volume, is the long-lost Smith diary that narrates the expedition that found the way from north east Utah past the Great Salt Lake and on to California via what subsequently became a major portion of the route of the OST. Smith's route and his map had a significant impact on later travelers. This volume and the earlier biographies by Maurice Sullivan and Dale Morgan provide most of what is known of this remarkable man. This book belongs in every library pertaining to southwestern history.
La Vereda: A Trail through Time
Colville, Ruth Marie
Paperback, bibliography, photos, maps, separate trail guide
Ruth Marie Colville and Helen Greene Blumenschein spent nearly 30 years jointly studying and recovering the route of Don Diego de Vargas 1694 foraging expedition through north central New Mexico. This expedition was made to obtain food for hungry colonists who had reoccupied New Mexico after the 1680 Pueblo Revolt. The route traversed the east fork of the OST North Branch from Santa Fe north to southern Colorado and then returned via the west fork. This expedition sustained the colony and ensured its continued existence. This guide to the journey is wonderfully done.
The Navajos in 1705: Roque Madrid's Campaign Journal
Hendricks, Rick and Wilson, John P. (Editors)
Hardcover and softcover reprint, out of print
Roque Madrid's campaign traveled a route that crossed and recrossed the future OST route in northern New Mexico. The present authors have painstakingly recovered the Madrid route to give an exciting account of this punitive expedition against the Navajos. The effort required to recover the Madrid route illustrates very well the difficulty in understanding the routes used in various parts of the OST. This is an excellent book.
Anza's 1779 Comanche Campaign
Kessler, Ron
Softcover, map, photos, bibliography
Ron Kessler has annotated Alfred Barnaby Thomas' translation of Juan Bautista de Anza's diary of his very successful 1779 campaign against Cuerno Verde and his band of Comanches. Kessler has traveled and reconstructed the Anza route. The notes allow contemporary travelers to visit the sites on the expedition's route and to understand the importance of this campaign to the New Mexico settlements. Anza's route included portions of the east and west forks of the OST North Branch.
Retracing the Old Spanish Trail - North Branch
Kessler, Ron
Softcover, bibliography, photos, index, maps
This book provides a detailed guide to the North Branch of the OST. This branch is less well known than the Southern Branch. The author lives near the west fork of the North Branch and has a detailed knowledge of all of the North Branch. He has given us an excellent account of the trail routes, features of interest along the routes and many capsule histories that allow modern travelers to find and enjoy retracing this under appreciated part of the OST.
Old Spanish Trail - North Branch - and its Travelers
Kessler, Ron
This book contains a collection of writings by travelers on the OST.
Valley of Shining Stone: The Story of Abiquiu
Poling-Kempes, Lesley
Softcover, bibliography, photos, index, map
This is an interesting history of the pivotal community of Abiquiu at the eastern end of the OST. The author has lived in the Abiquiu area for many years and is well qualified to give us this account of the village itself, the Piedra Lumbre and Ghost Ranch. Abiquiu was very important both for travel over the OST and as a source of emigrants needed so badly in southern California. See you local book store for a copy.
Explorers, Traders, and Slavers: Forging the Old Spanish Trail 1678-1850
Sanchez, Joseph P.
Hardcover, maps, bibliography, index
Dr. Sanchez' book fills gaps in the history of the OST that were not covered in the Hafen's book. The early Spanish history of the OST is treated more thoroughly, particularly in the inclusion of the Rivera diaries which recount two journeys into Utah from Abiquiu in the 1760s. These travels were important to the 1776 Dominguez-Escalante expedition and to subsequent commercial ventures. Guides from these three efforts were active into the 1800s as participants in poorly documented expeditions that opened the part of the OST that runs from Santa Fe to the west slopes of the Wasatch Mountains. Sanchez also includes much more material about the thriving slave trade in Indian women and children that persisted into the 1850s.
The Old Spanish Trail Across the Mojave Desert
Steiner, Harold
Softcover, 58 maps, 45 photos, appendix, bibliography and index

This guide to the part of the OST that lies west of Paragonah, Utah includes an excellent overview of the history of the trail and detailed descriptions of the course of the trail. The trail's route is clearly marked on USGS maps so that it is easy to follow. Col. Steiner makes the assumption that the mule trail lies under the later wagon trace so that some parts of the route as mapped may vary from the mule trace. The route includes the main trail from Paragonah through Las Vegas, Nevada, Emigrant Pass, Resting Spring and Bitter Spring to Cajon Pass. This book is an indispensable companion for travel on the west end of the OST.

A limited supply is available through OSTA.

The Dominguez-Escalante Journal: Their Expedition through Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico in 1776
Warner, Ted J. (Editor)
Softcover, photographs, maps, glossary, bibliography
This translation (both Spanish and English versions are included) of the Dominguez-Escalante Journal is a considerable improvement over the earlier Bolton version published in the early 1950s. The Old Spanish Trail follows the Dominguez-Escalante route, to a degree, from Abiquiu, NM, to near the Utah-Colorado border and then is episodically intertwined with the OST elsewhere in Utah. This edition provides photographs and modern maps that add a great deal to the original description on this epic trek. Even so, see the copy of the Miera y Pacheco map in the Bolton edition to get a flavor of the state of knowledge of the OST geography in 1776.
Defending Eden: New Mexican Pioneers in the San Bernardino Valley
Vickery, Joyce Carter (J. C.)

Softcover, bibliography, photos, maps
Available by phone or mail-order directly from the Riverside Metropolitan Museum's gift shop.

This history of the settlement of Agua Mansa and La Placita on the Santa Ana River in Riverside, California, provides many details of San Bernardino Valley history. It complements the Beattie's book cited above. Emigrants from Abiquiu, New Mexico, settled in the Valley at the request of rancho owners. Abiquiu residents were experienced in defending against Indian raids and some were enticed with grants of lands to move west to defend the Valley. This history makes very clear their vital contribution to the settlement of southern California. The book helps to establish and clarify the role of the OST in supporting westward migration to California.

The book lacks and index and one is provided here courtesy of Mary Haggland.

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