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Education & Youth

Teaching with Historic Lesson Plans

Teaching with primary documents encourages a varied learning environment for teachers and students alike. Lectures, demonstrations, analysis of documents, independent research, and group work become a gateway for research with historical records in ways that sharpen students' skills and enthusiasm for history, social studies, and the humanities. Examples of Historic Lesson Plans with some relevance to the Old Spanish Trail include:

1848 - Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
This lesson correlates to the National History Standards. Era 4 - Expansion and Reform (1801-1861) Standard 1C - Demonstrate understanding of the ideology of Manifest Destiny, the nation's expansion to Northwest, and the Mexican-American War.

1855 - Las Vegas Old Mormon Fort
This lesson is based on the National Register of Historic Places nomination for Las Vegas Mormon Fort, materials from Nevada State Parks, and other sources in Nevada and Utah related to the fort and the expansion of the Mormons.

Hopi-Spanish Relations
This lesson correlates to the following Arizona Social Studies Standards 1SS-E8. Grade 6-8.

Kid's Corner

The Old Spanish Trail Association, Main Street Murals, and the Desert Dispatch sponsored a bookmark competition for the kids of the Barstow School District.

Winners of the competition were announced during the Art of the West Show at Calico Ghost Town near Barstow, CA. Thirty-four children participated in a competition to create a bookmark that focused on the history of the Old Spanish Trail, which runs right through Barstow.

We are proud to devote our very first edition of the Kids’ Page to these talented kids.

Winner of the Senior Category: ISLA SULLIVAN – Age 13

Sulllivan 13

Winner of the Junior Category: OWEN BURCH – Age 11

Burch 11

Winner of the Primary Category: CHRISTINE MAGNUSON – Age 9

magnuson 9

Senior Honorable Mention - Drew Burch, Age 15

burch 15

Senior Honorable Mention - Ellis Magnuson, Age 13

magnuson 13

Junior Honorable Mention - Taylor Petet, Age 12

petet 14

Junior Honorable Mention - Michael Sullivan, Age 11

Michael Sullivan

Primary Honorable Mention - Gregory Hilarides, Age 10

hilarides 10

Primary Honorable Mention - Kayla Jaramillo, Age 9

Jaramillo 9

Primary Honorable Mention - Samuel Sullivan, Age 9

sullivan 9

Primary Honorable Mention - Cassidy Garrard, Age 5

garrad 5


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