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Old Spanish Trail Monument Marker at Grand Junction, CO

Spanish Traces

Official Journal of the Old Spanish Trail Association

Spanish Traces, the official journal/newsletter of OSTA, is published three times a year. It offers articles featuring research, national and state activities, updates on the management of the trail and chapter news.

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Index to Past Issues

An index to past issues (1995 to 2015) is available here Spanish Traces Index

For more information about Spanish Traces, contact the editor.

Now Available! - Back Issues - Spanish Traces CD

By popular request we are we offering for sale a CD of the back issues of Spanish Traces for the years 1995 through 2014. Order yours now! or become a member and receive a free copy ($30 value).

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Archived Issues - Front Covers of Back Issues

Click any front cover to enlarge.

2014 Issues: Volume 3 - Free Sample!

20-1 front cover 20-2 front cover 20-3

2013 Issues: Volume 3 - Free Sample!

front cover front cover front cover

2012 Issues: Volume 1 - Free Sample!

Spanish Traces 18_1 18-218-3

2011 Issues: Volume 2 - Free Sample!
Vol 17-1 2011 Vol 17-2 2011spanish traces 17_3

2010 Issues: Conference Edition - Free Sample!
front cover 16-1 front cover 16-2

2009 Issues: Volume 1 - Free Sample!
front cover 15-1 front cover 15-2 front cover 15-3

2008 Issues: Volume 1 - Free Sample!
front cover 14-1 front cover 14-2 front cover 14-3

2007 Issues:
front cover 13-1 front cover 13-2 front cover 13-3

2006 Issues: Volume 1 - Free Sample!
front cover 12-1 front cover 12-2 front cover 12-3

2005 Issues:
front cover 11-1 front cover 11-2 fronmt cover 11-3

2004 Issues: Volume 3 - Free Sample!
front cover 10-1 front cover 10-2 front cover 10-3

2003 Issues:
front oover 9-1 front cover 9-2 front cover 9-3

2002 Issues: Volume 3 - Free Sample!
front cover 8-1 front cover 8-2 front cover 8-3

2001 Issues:
front cover 7-1 front cover 7-2 front cover 7-3

2000 Issues: Volume 2 and Conference Edition - Free Samples!
front cover 6-1 front cover 6-2 front cover 6-3 2000 Conference Edition

1999 Issues:Conference Edition - Free Sample!
front cover 5-1 front cover 5-2 1999 Conference Edition

1998 Issues: Conference Edition - Free Sample!
front cover 4-1 front cover 4-2 1998 Conference Edition
1997 Issues:
front cover 3-1 front cover 3-2

1996 Issues:
front cover 2-1 front conver 2-2

1995 Issues: Volume 2 - Free Sample!
front cover 1-1 front cover 1-2





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