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Old Spanish Trail Monument Marker at Grand Junction, CO

Old Spanish Trail Mult-Media Products

360 Degree Virtual Tour Experience

Announcing a new 360 degree multimedia trail experience.

Armijo Route - Multimedia Tour

360 Tour


  • Click and drag to navigate within each panorama.
  • Click on the Map icon (bottom left) to display an overview of the Armijo route panoramas (Click on map again to close)
  • Click on the loop icons to go directly to a location.
  • Alternatively, use the thumbnails (bottom centre) or the mule and horse journey icons (left and right) to travel along the trail.
  • Each panorama has five to six embedded clickable hotspots with view additional content.
  • Bandwidth can affect loading times so please be patient if it takes few seconds to display the information.

This virtual tour is optimized for HD screens. View with mobile devices or tablets for a more immersive experience.

Enjoy the trail!

Backcountry Horseman - Old Spanish Trail Trek

Backcountry Horsemen of America is planning an Old Spanish Trail Trek for the autumn of 2014 and summer of 2015. The event will include 1200 miles of riding with pack stock from Cajon Pass, CA to Santa Fe, New Mexico. This ride will replicate and commemorate the Old Spanish Trail trading route that linked New Mexico with California during the years 1829 to 1848.

Watch the video.

Old Spanish Trail Adventure Video!

Recently, three American Conservation Experience (ACE) interns working for the BLM-Utah National Trails Program embarked on a truly unique adventure. Trekking more than 400 miles along the Old Spanish Trail in Utah. Watch their ADVENTURE VIDEO!

BLM Adventure Video

360 Degree View of Fish Lake Cutoff Interpretation Displays

Fish Lake Cutoff Display

Explore the new Fish Lake Cutoff display in glorious 360 degree fashion. Use the zoom keys to read the interpretive display contents.

The Fishlake National Forest in Utah has been working to mark the general route of a portion of the Old Spanish Trail known as the Fish Lake Cut-off that crosses public lands administered by the Forest Service. Visitors at the site are able to read about John C. Charles Fremont, Capt. John Gunnison, Kit Carson, Lt. George Brewerton and the Ute Chief, Walkara.  Silhouette, life-sized pack trains can be found at the Johnson Valley and Doctor Creek interpretive panels.

Oregon - California Trail - Retracing the Hastings Cutoff

It's not the Old Spanish but this video retraces the 80 mile trek across the salt flats in the Utah Desert. In 1846 the ill-fated Donner party fell to the temptation of using this "short cut" trail to California.

History Czar! Internet Podcast Features the Old Spanish Trail

The Old Spanish Trail as told by Liz Warren and Ashley Hall was featured on History Czar! Internet radio. The History Czar interviews leading experts in history and is an educational service providing information in an engaging format by hosts who love the subject.

History Czar

Old Spanish Trail Podcast

Note: Depending on your internet connection you may have to wait a minute or two for the podcast to begin. Be patient.

YouTube Videos




Taos Lecture Series

Spanish Trail Talks and Interviews
In 2009, a series of lectures were hosted at the Taos Library and funded by the LEF Foundation

Note: Audio segments and photos are copyright by Cultural Energy Independent Radio & Television, and may not be reproduced in any form.

Photos and streaming audio segments are available at culturalenergy.org/trail.htm

K C E I - Cultural Energy Independent Radio & Television, Creating Media Voices for Youth, Arts & Activism in Northern New Mexico.

Introduction (8 MB .wma file)
Tuk Tohama - Utes Cheyennes Jicarillas (41 MB .wma file)
Virgil and isabel Trujillo - Genizaro Trail Guides (55 MB .wma file)
Jose Rivera - Rituals and Societies (75 MB .wma file)
Jerry A. Padilla - Comanchero Traders (55 MB .wma file)
Ron Reinikainen - Trail Books (46 MB .wma file)
Lloyd Rivera - Living the Memory (63 MB .wma file)
Paul Martinez - 1750 Raid at Ranchos (56 MB .wma file)
Rich Sanders - Unknown Black History
Warren Kelly-Student Research Project

Jefferson and Goss - Ute Indians - 2008 Conference
Susan Boyle - Burros - 2008 Conference




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