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Old Spanish Trail Comprehensive
Management Plan

Comprehensive Management Plan (CMP) Overview

A Scoping Report Is Now Available at Old_Spanish_Trail_Scoping_Report_0806


The Comprehensive Management Plan will provide a long-term strategy plan for managing and interpreting the OSNHT. OSTA is partnering with NPS and BLM, providing a ready avenue for public input on trail-related issues and strategies.

During development of the CMP there will be opportunities for OSTA members to participate as volunteers in a variety of projects, such as compiling data, trail location/mapping, and participating in the public meetings that will be held for input on the draft CMP.

As the OSNHT CMP is put into action, the history of the trail will become known to more people through signage, kiosks, roadside pullouts, interpretive programs, etc. Kenn Carpenter is OSTA's representative to this planning committee.

Public scoping meetings were held in the Spring of 2006 at communities in New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and California.

The CMP/EIS process, which is scheduled for completion by September 30, 2008, consists of the following steps:

1) Develop pre-plan agreement for NPS and BLM
2) Gather data and contact agencies and stakeholders along the trail
3) Conduct public scoping
4) Define purpose and need/develop preliminary alternatives
5) Prepare draft plan/environmental document
6) Identify environmental impacts and select preferred alternative
7) Public review of draft plan/environmental document
8) Analysis of public comment
9) Prepare final plan/decision document
10) Release final plan/decision document to the public

The planning team has completed steps 1 through 3, and currently is working to complete
Steps 4 and 5.

For more information on the planning process visit the federal agency management plan website



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